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ph360 Mastery Series


Who are ph360?

ph360 are the leading education and technology providers in personalised health and epigenetics for personal trainers, allied health and medical professionals who are looking for a more individualised and complete answer to their clients health and fitness goals.

When it comes to health, there is no one-size-fits-all. Each person is unique and as a result, will need something completely different to live their true potential. And through a simple non-invasive assessment with ph360 technology, the leading epigenetics-based lifestyle platform, health and fitness professionals now have practical and easy access to a level of insight on their clients like never before.

What is the ph360 Mastery Series?

The mastery series is a professional development course that has been designed for fitness professionals to uncover a deeper understanding of their clients unique physiology, biology, behavioural predispositions and more. Importantly, those undertaking this education will learn how to develop the skill set to simply and non-invasively assess their clients unique phenotype, to deliver an individualised lifestyle plan and coaching service that provides consistent results and long-lasting retention within their business.

What is involved in ph360 Education for Health and Fitness Pro’s?

  • Online pre-course learning

  • 2-days live webinar workshop

  • 6-weeks online post-course learning (including weekly live webinars)

  • Completion includes Endorsement as a ph360 Health Coach & Certificate

Course Outcomes

  • Identify the different sciences that can influence a person’s unique development (including the links between anthropometry, embryology, endocrinology and genetics)

  • Understand how lifestyle and environmental factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and more affect gene expression DIFFERENTLY in different people!

  • Become well-versed in how to assess a client’s individual phenotype through simple, non-invasive technology based assessments (NO GENE TESTING HERE!).

  • Discover the 6 major HealthTypes and the specific lifestyle and environmental needs for each to create truly personalised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programs

  • Understand how to effectively coach behaviour change to the 6 major types

  • Know how to communicate effectively in a language that meets the needs of the 6 major types

  • Implement into your current business model, how to include ph360 health coaching, assessments and integrate the ph360 technology into your client base

  • Collaborate within the ph360 Health Professional network. Join a community of trained medical doctors, allied health professionals and personal trainers

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