Meeting of the Minds

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Meeting of the Minds


This course features a series of succinct presentations, as well as a detailed Q&A session with some of the world’s leading fitness thinkers and innovators. From programming and emotional connections to behaviour change and movement evolution, thought leaders in the world of PT present their unique and thought-provoking insights into the topics that they believe to be critical to the future of personal training.


  • How the body functions at a cellular level
  • 6 lessons to becoming an effective personal trainer
  • Human movement and how it relates to foot function
  • Psoas muscle testing and function simplified
  • The importance of learning new movements and experiencing load in the full movement spectrum for the body and brain
  • Building effective relationships with your clients to make a foundation for change
  • Understanding your scope of practice and knowing when to refer a client to a counselor 
  • The journey of personal training
  • In-depth system biology for fitness professionals
  • Strategies to help your clients develop habits that support the changes they desire
  • 5 CECs/CPDs

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