Advanced Post Natal Programming

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Advanced Post Natal Programming


Advanced Post Natal Programming is targeted towards fitness professionals (encompassing Gym Instructors, Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors) who want to progressively build their clients core fitness levels systematically in the postnatal period while protecting the pelvic floor, spine and pelvis. Content covered in the course will help fitness professionals minimise the injury and maximise the performance of their clients.

Learning outcomes:

  • Increasing core recruitment as postnatal clients progress with their training
  • Testing using an abdominal stabiliser
  • Increasing core recruitment with functional retraining
  • Functional pelvic floor testing in relation to exercise prescription
  • Urinary incontinence and exercise
  • Returning to sport and fitness for postnatal clients
  • Exercise levels and progressions for returning to running postnatally
  • Balancing and building abdominal load with control – the athletic core
  • Retraining and building resistance
  • Other resources for instructors working with postnatal clients

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