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An introduction...

I met Spresa in the early stages of FITREC. From the beginning, she's been supportive, has recognised what we are trying to achieve and shared our enthusiasm for helping shape a better industry for all.

MEP was developed, tested and fine tuned during Spresa`s time with Snap Fitness. I highly encourage you to take advantage of her offering for FITREC professionals.

Dennis Hosking, Managing Director - FITREC/HealthyPeople


If you are not a fan of selling, this is for you. With the right engagement tools in place, members will be asking to buy before you have any opportunity to sell! 

FITREC professionals are invited to have a 45-60 minute coaching session with Spresa regarding member engagement in their business.

This is normally the first step in the paid program, but offered free, with no obligation, to FITREC professionals.

Contact Spresa directly via the details above. Be sure to include a link to your FITREC profile. 


MEP, or Member Engagement Program, is designed to help industry professionals better connect with clients and members.

This program focuses on:

  • Retaining members (and staff)
  • Mastering interpersonal engagement 
  • Successfully onboarding members without selling
  • Increasing the happiness of members
  • Organically growing your business
  • Building lasting and meaningful relationships

MEP includes...

  • Access to our e-learning platform
  • Regular contact with an MEP mentor
  • Weekly monitoring of KPI reports

This program has generated two to three new clients every week for Trainers that have taken part in this program.

This is a unique, specialised, supported and results-driven approach to growing your business. 

The first step is to get in touch. Start here.

Spresa is fantastically easy to talk to and clearly happiest when helping industry professional and businesses achieve the success they're looking for in their career.

MEP is like nothing I've seen before. At its core, the program trains on known EQ issues that no-one has been able to address before in any replicable, scalable fashion. The technology behind it is both user-friendly and cutting edge.

I encourage everyone to take a closer look.
Dennis Hosking
Monday, July 24, 2017