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I know Angie from her work on board a cruise ship. I was the Captain on that ship. In that capacity I interacted with Angie frequently for her work. In all aspects, Angie was always a very professional and energetic worker, who maintained an excellent work ethic and a very positive rapport with her clients and her co-workers. I can only highly recommend Angie for your organisation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Arjen Van Der Loo, CLIENT
Jul 2018

To whom it may concern, I trained with Angie for 18 months , during which I always enjoyed her sessions and achieved good results. Angie was always punctual and well presented. Her sessions were well planned and varied and she great technical knowledge. Charles Mollison

Charles Mollison, CLIENT
Jul 2018

We are pleased to provide a reference regarding our very positive experience with Angie Lameks as a personal fitness professional. We have know Angie for around 7 years and she has provided training to us either individually or as part of a group. The training has covered a range of areas including but not limited to cardio, strength, stretch and flexibility. We have both benefited significantly from all of those exercise activities. Angie's style and approach is to be respectful, patient, interested, consistent and dedicated. She is also a fun person to be around. It is without hesitation that we recommend Angie to others as a personal fitness professional. Andrew and Penny Wilkinson

Andrew Wilkinson, CLIENT
Jul 2018

Angie Worked in My team as a fitness instructor back in 2010/11 while I was the General Manager on Club Med Lindeman Island She performed well and had great comments from our guest. She was proactive and got along with her teammates while acting professionally at all time I have not worked with her since so I'm not sure of her recent performances H

Hendel Duplessy, Club Med North america Recruitment Director, Club Med
Jul 2018