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I have been training with Anna for 6 months, and my fitness condition improved above my expectations. Most important my back pain is basically gone thanks to the dedicated exercises she suited for me. Each session is different and never boring, with new routines and exercises focused on the area where my body is more in need. She increases the challenging progressively helping me to stay motivated. Anna also gave me good advices and tips relevant to nutrition, meal prep, healthy life style etc.. On top of that she is always on time and it is easy to arrange my training schedule around my work and personal commitments Thanks Anna!

David P., CLIENT
Mar 2020

I have been a client of Anna Pearce for over 6 months now & have found Anna to be very professional & clearly a very good personal trainer who has made a difference in my personal health & wellbeing!

Feb 2020

Anna is an excellent trainer; she keeps worried about my motivation and the way how I'm doing my routines. As we are not located in the same city, she makes a follow up about my progress by video chat, and is always able to response my doubt any time Is it possible. Highly recommended. 100% professional and trustworthy

Diana M., CLIENT
Jan 2020

To whom may concern, I had the pleasure to attend bootcamp with Anna for more then 6 months. It was a pleasure to be under her guidance. I felt much stronger and also that I was achieving the goals that I had set for myself. Anna is kind, consistent and never let us give up. She was also checking for pains and any other physical issues we may had. We will miss her. You will be very please to have her as part of your training team. Best wishes Dina Gainsford

Jul 2019

I would recommend Anna Pearce to anyone looking for a personal trainer with an amazing attitude , she has a realistic approach to providing your very own personal needs and goals. Anna has helped me with achieving weight loss & increased fitness, Anna provides personal programs suited to individual needs, I have a back injury and found it very hard to find excersises that didn’t cause pain. Anna helped me gain confidence in myself, she provided training and knowledge to help me reach my weight loss and fitness goals. I am still on my journey and still using the programs Anna has provided. Anna is a great trainer, motivator and has a very professional yet down to earth approach to fitness.

Liz Ryan, CLIENT
Feb 2019

I have been attending Anna's group workouts for a couple of months now and I really look forward to it every week. Every week is different and definitely challenging. Anna is a professional and genuinely wants us to become and stay fit and healthy

Leanne, CLIENT
Feb 2019

Anna is a knowledgeable personal trainer. She cares about people, especially the one that seeks to improve their lifestyle and overall fitness activity. She teaches me how to execute exercise correctly, eat healthy and delicious meals for my work as well as keep me updated with new training programs. Thank you Anna.

Feb 2019

In the short time I have been attending Anna's fitness classes in Toowoomba, I have found her to be well-trained, adaptable in her approach and instructions, encouraging and professional. Her cheerful personality makes the class very enjoyable, even for a non-fanatic like me.

Elaine, CLIENT
Feb 2019