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Ben was one of our start nutrition students at FIAFitnation. His work was extremely well thought out and we saw great rapport building and nutrition advising with clients. We are proud to be associated with his business, Outlast Fitness and would recommend his services to any client searching for an attentive, professional and inspiring fitness and nutrition coach.

Sophie Scott, Senior Trainer and Assessor, Diploma of Nutrition , FIAFitnation
Jun 2017

When I first started training with Ben I was 97kgs and a size 18. After 6 months training before I went on a cruise I was size 12 and 78kgs. I am now a size 10 and 73kgs. I love training with Ben, always pushing me to do my best, workouts are fun and always different. He goes out of his way to help me with diet and can’t recommend Outlast Fitness enough.

Molly Ayre, CLIENT
Jul 2017

When I first started at Outlast with Ben I only had one goal and that was to feel better, more comfortable in my body. But after a month I had noticed changes already so I set goals for my body size. I lost 15kg quite quickly and began to put on muscle. Since finishing with Outlast I have continued to train on my own 4-5 days a week using Ben's training as a guideline to push me through! Workouts with Ben are always fresh, fun and if you push yourself they are definitely worth the effort.

James Lawson, CLIENT
Jul 2017

Before starting at outlast fitness with Ben, I had no motivation and was very unhappy with the body I had. I was always hiding under clothes that were too big, and now I am wearing things that I would never wear. I have gone from a size 14 to almost fitting in all size 10 clothes. I have only been working with Ben for almost 7 months and can see the changes, I'm more motivated and have more strength and energy to burn. Ben is always encouraging and will always push you at your own limits, but will always push you to be better. He makes you feel confident, his always reliable on time and nothing is never a problem. He is always there for a chat and even a bit of advice. Ben's one of the best

Jamie Kennedy, CLIENT
Oct 2018

Before I started with Outlast Fitness, I was unhappy with who I was. I was unfit, overweight and not motivated about anything. I hit an all-time low, and it was at the moment I knew something needed to change. With his extensive knowledge on fitness and healthy eating, encouragement and genuine care for my well-being, I was able to achieve all the goals I had set out for myself. My training sessions with Ben are far from boring, he changes it up every day, each day pushing me that little bit further!

Maddison Loadsman, CLIENT
Jul 2017