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I have had the honor and joy to watch Carol teach and participate in her classes. She presents with excellence in form, clarity in verbal and visual cues and staying true to the format she's teaching. Her students will agree that her smile, kindness and positive energy is contagious!

Richard Gormley, ZES (Master Trainer), Zumba Fitness
Jun 2020

Carol can be summed up in one word, passionate. I have had the pleasure of watching Carol on her journey as a fitness professional and its been her passion that has carried her through to this day and allowed her to connect with people in a unique and fun way. You can see in all classes and activities she runs that she truly loves what she does and that draws people to her. Carol is also someone who never passes up the opportunity to learn something new and continue her growth as a true professional in this industry and I can only see her going from strength to strength.

Jarrod Tucker, Master Trainer & Zumba Education Specialist, Strong Nation & Zumba Fitness LLC
Oct 2020

Carol Baker has taken lots of my ZUMBA trainings and also workshops that I have presented for My Group Move. She is an instructor that keen to learn, which I love. The times I have seen her teaching she creates an amazing atmosphere, and deliver a great class to her participants. She has also been proactive at hosting me for trainings and Aqua Zumba master class at the facility she used to teach at.

Maria Teresa Stone, Zumba Education Specialist, Zumba Fitness and My Group Move
Jun 2020