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Daniel is a very friendly and approachable coach who is well liked by our clients. He is also responsible and professional. I had an enjoyable time working alongside Daniel, and strongly believe that he will be a wonderful asset to your company.

Adam Ahmad, Fitness Trainer, Pure North Private Limited
Aug 2020

Daniel has shown great qualities both as a coach and as a team player. Great communications skills which is crucial in our field for both our clients and also amongst colleagues. Our clients love Daniel’s sessions. He is patient, genuine, and he keeps clients motivated. He is also responsible and has good initiative. He demonstrates all the right qualities of a good coach. Also his background in martial arts gives a very different touch to his training methods. I highly recommend him. Regards, Wendy Yee Pure North Pte. Ltd.

Wendy Yee, Founder and Coach, Pure North Pte Ltd
Aug 2020