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I first met Tom in May of 2019, when I joined Coaching Zone at my local Genesis fitness club. I’d pretty much hit rockbottom, I was depressed, I was over eating on take-aways & had no energy. I’d pretty much lost all respect for myself, tipping the scales at just over 151kg. Tom’s group sessions were/are always informative, motivational and his attention to detail on correct technique is second to none. Tom saw potential in me well before I did. He has been so supportive in all areas from diet & nutrition through to injury prevention, activation, mobility, strength & cardio & everything in between. He has superior knowledge, passion for fitness, exceptional communication & pays attention

Susan Peck, CLIENT
Oct 2020

I have been training with Tom for 3 years. Together with his support, guidance and knowledge, I've shed 20kg of weight, significantly toned my body and successfully achieved many fitness related goals. His passion for his clients and industry shows in the manner in which he conducts himself and his training sessions. I've enjoyed my experience of training with Tom so much that it has inspired me to pursue personal training and as a career. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tom's services to anybody who is seeking assistance with their health and fitness goals. I cannot thank him enough for how he has helped me completely turn my life around for the better. Thank you Tom!

Patrick Lijnders, CLIENT
Oct 2020