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I am a person with Multiple Sclerosis. As a consequence, I require specialist attention, in many forms. One of these forms is specific exercises, to keep me mobile. I have attended classes, made available, through the MS Society in Gloria McKerrow House, and also privately, with Eli Haski. My experience with her specialist training, on a regular basis, has given me great relief and enjoyment. Her one on one attention, for specific concerns, has been helpful and enlightening. Eli has great knowledge of MS and it’s daily changes, which allows her to provide good service. Her ongoing research into muscular skeletal conditions means she keeps up to date and provides assistance and relief.

Barb McLeod-Nicholson, CLIENT
Aug 2018

I have known Eli Haski for almost 5 years. I have had the honour of working with Eli who has consistently proven to be a supportive and encouraging colleague, and a most reliable consultant regarding yoga student injuries. Eli's commitment to the ongoing welfare of her students and clientele is exceptional. She demonstrates an unfailing interest in their well being and is always ready to take the time to listen with focus to their concerns and provide answers to their questions. Eli is clear about her scope of practice and effectively refers onwards where appropriate. Eli's empathic nature, her approachability, and her high level skill and knowledge base would be an asset in any workplace.

Pippa Matthews, Psychotherapist & Yoga Teacher , ACT Health
Aug 2018

I have been seeing Eli to try and resolve lifelong stiffness, particularly in the hips and legs. After one session, I was able to sit with cross legs without my knees being around my ears! After 3 sessions, I have a much greater flexibility in my hips and legs, and Eli has resolved tightness between my shoulder blades. She also gave me exercises to continue the improvement. I highly recommend Eli if you want to be in the best physical shape.

Jill Robilliard, CLIENT
Jul 2018