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In the 6 months I've been working with Luke, I've found him to be an honest, intelligent, very broad minded person. I find him a pleasure to be around & very interesting to talk to. I learn something new every time we meet.

Glen Purtell, Coach, Glen Purtell Bodybuilding Coach
Feb 2019

Luke trained me for the majority of 2018 and only stopped due to his move in location. During our sessions I made great progess in my body composition through my bulk and shred phases due to his coaching and diet advice. I felt the benefit after every session. Luke is also very likeable and easy to talk to - we shared a lot in common and he never failed to ask me how work was going or how an event was that I had been to. He's a great guy and would be a real asset to any business.

Leigh Chambers, CLIENT
Feb 2019

I have worked with Luke for a few months. He is a truly excellent trainer. He trains you mentally and physically. Thanks to his efforts, I'm getting leaner every week. His perfect combination of diverse training methods helps me to achieve my goal effectively. He is one of the best!

James Su Qian, CLIENT
Feb 2019

When I started my fitness journey I was unsure where to start. I was self conscious & truly embarrassed with how I looked & felt. Luke is super compassionate, understanding & helped to motivate me to get to my goals. Without his guidance I wouldn't be where I am today

Taylor Rafferty, CLIENT
Feb 2019

Luke Watson worked with me at Plus Fitness. He was a brilliant addition to the club and he fit in perfectly with the rest of the team. He worked as admin along with myself and was also a personal trainer. He was eager to help members in the club achieve their goals. I was lucky enough to see him whenever I was on shift. He would be out on the gym floor training and speaking with members and clients. His clients always recommended him to other members who would ask me if Luke was available to train them as well. He built a solid client base, making it easier for those who have filled his shoes. Clients have described him as fun and challenging. For these reasons I recommend Luke Watson

Chelsea Harvey , Administration and Sales, Plus Fitness
Feb 2019

During my time working alongside Luke, I found him to be hard working, knowledgeable and charismatic. He is excellent with clients and members, friendly, approachable and always takes time to talk to everyone. He's always happy to help with any questions or queries or just have a chat. He is very knowledgeable in his field and it's obvious that he loves what he does. He is great at offering help and advice in a clear and digestible way so his coaching style suits people from all walks of life. I believe him to be a great asset to any team.

Catherine Leckenby, Receptionist/Sales, Plus Fitness
Mar 2019