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Angelica has a complete knowledge of the body to do a thorough assessment and prescribe the correct treatment needed. I really enjoyed the full body deep tissue massage with suction cupping - blissful! Thank you - see you soon

Zoey Sheppard, CLIENT
Jun 2020

I advise you all to use this amazing service as she is an amazing person.

Harley L T Augustine, CLIENT
Jun 2020

I had an assessment on my shoulder after a trip to Japan. Ange was very thorough in her knowledge and gave me a remedial massage, that corrected my shoulder. Highly recommend her

Christie Waaka, CLIENT
Jun 2020

I was recommended to come to Angie by my partner after years of chronic back pain, after my first consultation and following the program given to me by two weeks I had seen a massive change in my back pain, now months later I haven't felt better. Definitely would recommend to anyone, really affordable and you're in really good hands with SPER

James Tauiliili, CLIENT
Jun 2020