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Neil is a awesome trainer, I had a session with him, he talked through it the whole time making sure I wouldn't give up, I felt amazing after! Without his help I wouldn't have got this far! Super grateful, thankyou.

Jodie Conacher, CLIENT
Mar 2020

Neil is very approachable and professional. I had a training session with him and I felt at ease the whole time, he talks you through it all. I wanted to stop half way through but he wouldn't let me, and I'm glad he didn't as I felt awesome after after a bit sore the day after but you definitely know you've had a workout.

Keita Marie Conacher, CLIENT
Mar 2020

He is the best personal trainer I know and met. And he makes you work hard and after every personal training session you will be sore the next day but a good thing that means it was good workout that why he’s the best

Lisa Maree Adamson, CLIENT
Mar 2020

You will have Awesome advice from Neil who is dedicated and very knowledgeable regarding fittness and health needs. Cheers

Cathy Hancock, CLIENT
Mar 2020

Neil has kindly helped me out the past couple of months by being my mentor as complete my cert 3 and 4 in PT. He has a lot of knowledge in the health and fitness industry and I have definitely learnt a lot off him. He is very professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer

Zoey Laurent , CLIENT
Mar 2020

Dedicated to help you reach your health and fitness goals and can teach you the best way to exercise and motivate yourself. When designing a program for you Neil takes into consideration your goals and personal health and fitness, he will also adjust the program in response to your changing fitness level and gives good advice on nutrition. Neil is personable, approachable and has a wicked sense of humour.

Mar 2020