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Tabetha Vagliviello is a wonderful teacher and passionate about fitness and getting fit. I have been attending classes at her dance studio since 2016. She has always taken account injuries or sore muscles and tailored her classes and work out sessions to suit everyone’s abilities. She is caring and she gives you that push when you need it. Tabetha has a genuine passion for PT work and she’s always learning more to deliver the best service for her clients.

Jekatarina Torola, CLIENT
Apr 2019

I have known Tabetha since January 2009 when she starting working as our company receptionist. With her vibrant character, Tabetha's passion is people. As much as being a receptionist pays the bills, it wasnt her. Her colourful personality means she relates to people of all walks of life forming instant bonds and friendships. Tabetha is genuine and a driven person who will make sure any personal training clientele reach their desired goals. If you need any further information, please contact me. kind regards Peter

Peter Carlino, Financial Adviser, Ascend Financial Solutions
Apr 2019

Tabetha is an excellent personal trainer. She's fun, extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness, and a truly kind and generous person. She's the only personal trainer I've ever had that takes my injuries and health issues into account, skilfully crafting a training program that meets all my physical needs. Over the last 3 years, Tabetha has helped me lose close to 20kgs and gain strength I never thought I could acheive. I couldn't recommend her more!

Natalie Wotton, CLIENT
May 2019

I have known Tab as a dance and fitness instructor for 9 years. She has an amazing knowledge and understanding of the body, being able to explain where movements originate and which muscles are being worked. She is a stickler for correct technique, in dance and fitness. Tab is an empathetic trainer, being aware of peoples' physical and mental wellbeing. She has an ability to modify movements to take into account injuries and/or chronic pain issues. I have severe osteo arthritis in many joints, including knees and lower spine. Due to Tab's diligence in modifying moves and constant vigilance to ensure nothing exacerbates my situation, I am able to participate fully in her classes.

Ann Southall, CLIENT
May 2019