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Trish is an amazing lady and anyone who wants to be inspired or feel motivated has to get in touch - cause if it’s one thing, this lady is passionate about your health goals

Sherri Most, CLIENT
Jan 2019

Trish is an amazing lady and mum who knows how to encourage her clients to their maximum potential whilst having a realistic understanding of life and all the challenges it brings. Every day is a new day and Trish is able to adapt to any health challenges or stresses that life can throw at you.

Michelle Brand, CLIENT
Jan 2019

Trish is one of the kindest and caring trainers I've trained with. She really encourages you to be the best version of yourself. Im so glad we've crossed paths. A journey it is.

Christine Evans, CLIENT
Jan 2019

Trish is an amazing trainer. I’ve been going to boot camp and PT classes for a few months now and I can see so much change in my body and my physical strength. Thank you for pushing me when I need it and for letting me stop and breathe when I need it. Highly recommend Trish to anyone wanting to take control of their health and lifestyle

Kayla Milner, CLIENT
Jan 2019