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Ellen was my fitness trainer for 4 years at the University Sports Centre in Leiden. Within those 4 years I have obtained 5 Dutch Championship titles in triathlon and cycling, after she left to Australia the total number of titles is still 0... She knows how to treat different kind of sporters: some people need to be triggered, some people not. She was always friendly and interested towards the people in the gym. And her looks were appreciated by all the men. :P Enjoy Australia and I hope to see you again one day!

Teun Sweere, CLIENT
Jul 2018

Ellen is one of a kind. She always succeeds to make the toughest workouts fun to join. She always knows how to motivate, so you exceed your limits and reach new goals. She was the first instructor that I met when I joined the gym and she immediately made me feel welcome and taught me lots about the fitness, different exercises, food, how to train with injuries, etc. By far one of the most inspiring instructors I have ever met in my life!

Abderrahman Lahdidioui, CLIENT
Jul 2018

Ellen stands out as an instructor for several reasons. First, she always manages to put together a different set of exercises, which keeps you sharp and motivated. Secondly, she pushes you to the limit while working out. On top of that, she constantly scans those working out, and actively corrects you to improve your posture. Always ends the workout with a high-five to thank everyone. Apart from the professionalism as an instructor, a sweet and fun person!

Boris Kester, CLIENT
Jul 2018