Advanced Aids & Training Tools

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Advanced Aids & Training Tools


Advanced aids and training tools is targeted towards Fitness Professionals (encompassing Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers) who want to learn how to safely and effectively implement the use of training tools and equipment with advanced clients. The information covered in the course will help Fitness Professionals minimise the injury and maximise the performance of their clients.

Learning outcomes:

  • The use of equipment to alter the kinetics and movements of a lift
  • Biomechanical & physiological advantages of chains and bands
  • How to manipulate the force & velocity relationship to favour movement speed
  • Effects of manipulating loading during eccentric and concentric portions of lifts
  • Guidelines for use of sleds for strength, power & endurance training
  • Setting the range of movement using boxes and boards
  • Enhancing posterior chain development to improve athletic performance

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