FITREC is for professionals


Whether you're looking for a registration alternative or considering registering for the first time, we encourage you to note how effective and supportive registration for fitness professionals really can be. 

We respect your right to choose how and when you do your ongoing learning.

We encourage ongoing learning but do not require CEC/PDP accumulation. It's important to pursue the learning that's of greatest interest to you. We also respect your right to choose how and when that learning takes place. 

We're also able to recognise international qualifications and certifications.  

We want your skills, enthusiasm and experience to be easily discovered.

We want you to look good for employers, clients and allied health professionals. 

Creating CV's or a suitable online presence is not easy. This is why your FITREC profile is designed to provide a clear and positive view of your experience, education, achievements, references and more. 

Keep all your certificates and qualifications in one place (and always with you).

Over the course of time, key qualifications and certificates can be easily lost or misplaced. With the ability to attach a copy of all of these to your FITREC profile, no matter where you are, you always have them at hand.

We offer unmatched assistance with fitness employment

FITREC is run by the same people that run HealthyPeople, the Australian fitness industry's longest-running and most successful service for connecting fitness professionals with employers. When you're FITREC, you have the full support of HealthyPeople, at no additional cost.

You'll have access to FITREC Circle, our private social platform.

We wanted a space where everyone could connect, so we created one. 

We give you a free session tracking program.

All fitness professionals should be keeping a record of sessions with each client.

So we built one to give to FITREC professionals for free!

Traky provides you with an easy to use platform for recording all sessions. It also gives your clients the ability to log in with their own account and view sessions and the progress they're making. 

We are genuinely committed to the development of our industry. 

By ensuring that professionals have the resources they need to succeed in their space, the better our chance of collectively improving the health of the nation.