Step from the Start

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Marietta Mehanni

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Step from the Start


Step from the Start is a 3-day workshop that incorporates all the skills and techniques required to put together a successful step class. Talented and passionate, learn from one of the fitness industry’s inspiring presenters who has spent a career perfecting the skill of instructing step

This workshop is not to be missed if you want to learn how to teach freestyle step so that you can create your own classes that you love to teach and your members love to do.

Part A – The BASICS!

  • Correct stepping technique and alignment
  • Injury prevention
  • Class design
  • Cueing techniques – advanced verbal and modified non-verbal step cues
  • Understanding of basic moves, how to put together a simple routine and comprehension of terms used with step classes.

Part B – The NEXT step!

In Part B, you will put together more complex choreography and thus will be developing the following skills:

  • Learning curves that are hassle-free and logical
  • Right footing
  • Right and left balance
  • Visual previews
  • When and how to perform a demonstration

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