Ageing with Attitude 1 and 2 Workshops

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Ageing with Attitude 1 and 2 Workshops


Ageing with Attitude 1 and 2 Workshops 

The Music & Motion Studio has designed a course for everyone who teaches, has taught or wishes to teach the rewarding area of older adults. Older adults can be anyone over 50 – they can be fit and active, frail and in a chair, or anywhere in the middle of those two.

This course has been designed to educate instructors on this area of group exercise and personal training, based on sound scientific research involving exercises for increasing muscle strength, improving and maintaining bone density, improving cardiovascular health and encouraging increased balance, coordination and mobility. Strength training can help reduce signs and symptoms of many chronic diseases. Our aim is to give you a solid educational foundation in the area of older adults, as well as plenty of take home choreography.

The course has been divided into two parts. Part A is the foundation therefore all the fundamental knowledge required when working with this special population. It also includes cardio exercises such as warm ups, fun routines and games. Part B continues on from part A and the emphasis in this session is Strength training, Balance and Flexibility. We offer you a foundation training in Resistance based exercises using bars and dumbbells, as well as the use of the Fitball. Again some cardio options will be offered in the form of games and partner work. The course is based on the Triple F principle – Functionality, Fun and Fitness. All essential ingredients of a training program whether group based or one on one. Includes comprehensive manual with exercise guide, CECs and lots of take away ideas.

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