3 in 1 day Pilates Workshops

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3 in 1 day Pilates Workshops



Join presenter Lynley Gladdis for 3 in 1 day Pilates for everyone. You can choose 1, 2 or all 3 sessions. Lynley has been presenting nationally and internationally for over 15 years and anyone who has done her sessions love her presentation style and sense of humour. Not only does Lynley have a Diploma of Remedial Massage and Remedial Therapy and has been practising for 11 years, she is also Master Trainer for ChiBallâ„¢ and teaches and trains teachers in the Pilates technique.

Energise Pilates Bands and Balls

Add variety to your matwork classes by adding bands and ChiBalls. Use the equipment to add intensity, assist mobility and increase awareness to exercises then take it home to add a little difference to your core workout repertoire.

Pilates – the movements in between      

Pilates has proven to be a great way to increase core strength, correct muscle imbalance and increase stability and mobility. With so much focus on the exercises, we tend to forget about what we do in between. The core switches on for the exercise but do we keep it on when we change position? Join Lynley for a session that creates a seamless flowing class and focus not only on the exercises but the movements in between.


Spirals is a pre-choreographed class that combines Pilates based core stability movements, dynamic stretching and strength exercises. Discover movements that enhance both mobility and stability set to music that will help motivate participants to work towards longer, stronger, leaner and more flexible bodies.

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