Older Adults Health and Fitness

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Onfit Training College - RTO 32107

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Older Adults Health and Fitness


Populations around the world are rapidly ageing, and this presents both challenges and opportunities for astute fitness professionals. As more focus is placed upon the need for physical activity as a preventative measure for the health risks commonly associated with ageing, skilled fitness professionals are ideally placed to assist and contribute to the healthy ageing process.

However, exercise prescription is only one piece of the healthy aging process. To ensure that older clients remain fit, healthy and functional as they approach their later years of life, fitness professionals need to be able to consider and coach their older clients on not only appropriate exercises to do, but also what to expect as their body ages, how to assist their clients in respect to falls prevention and management and what the most appropriate nutrition recommendations for health are as their clients age.

Each of these considerations has been included in the older adult’s health and fitness course. Specifically, you will study:

  • The Changes in Anatomy and Physiology as we Age.
  • How to Assist in Falls Prevention and Management.
  • Strength Training for Older Adults.
  • Nutrition Recommendations for Older Adults

This course has been developed to address the idea of active aging by focusing on all aspect’s health and fitness so that fitness professionals can help their older adults optimise the opportunities that will be offered by an increased life expectancy.

Study Mode: Online

Course Timeline: 6 Months

Assessment Requirements: Online theory assessment

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