Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

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National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

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Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)


For more than a decade and a half, NASM’s Corrective Exercise Specialization has been the gold standard in teaching trainers how to help their clients prepare for their workouts and feel great. How long have we been preparing trainers in the field? Since the beginning. We even coined the term “Corrective Exercise”!

Not all Corrective Exercise Specialist programs are created equal. Unlike other functional and human movement programs on the market, an NASM-CES doesn’t just help you assess clients’ movement patterns and identify dysfunctions. It enables you to create more effective workouts, as well.

We’re excited to bring you the latest version of our Corrective Exercise Specialization! The New NASM-CES is the most complete and up-to-date program on functional movement in the industry. We’ve brought together the best practitioners and researchers in the world of human movement, including experts in the fields of clinical application, physical therapy, exercise programming, recovery and performance, flexibility research, personal training, and more to help create the most comprehensive course in the market.

This new version allows you to access your NASM-CES content wherever you are. Whether you’re at home on your tablet, at the gym on your phone, or a desk in front of your laptop, you can see everything the course has to offer. Start on one device and pick up where you left off on another. Study whenever and wherever you want with no hassle at all.

That’s not all though, we’ve also added the latest research and insight from the best experts in the industry and included new modules on Self-Care and Recovery, how to apply CES in multiple environments, communication and coaching strategies and more. Every aspect of the new NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization was created with you and your career in mind.

Learning Objectives

  • Relate fundamental concepts of human movement and anatomy and physiology to Corrective Exercise.
  • Identify attributes of and rationale for corrective exercise programming.
  • Identify scope of practice and referral strategies for allied health professionals.
  • Evaluate proficiency of movement using various assessment methodologies.
  • Design individualized movement and exercise programs.
  • Apply spectrum of corrective tools, protocols, and modalities aligned to client needs and goals.
  • Demonstrate effective coaching and communication techniques to maximize adherence and engagement.
  • Communicate effective recovery strategies for a client’s overall wellness

Specific titles given may include:

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

Prerequisites: Although it is not required, it is recommended that candidates have at least one of the following credentials:

  • NASM-CPT certification
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • NCCA, NBFE or DETC Accredited Health/Fitness Certification
  • 4-Year College Degree in fitness industry
  • REPs Level 3 or higher (int'l)

Timeline: Maximum 12 months - study at your own pace

Delivery Method: Online - study anywhere, anytime

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