Virtual Coaching Specialist (VCS)

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National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Virtual Coaching Specialist (VCS)


The NASM Virtual Coaching course is an immersive online experience that equips fitness professionals with the skills, tools, and strategies to operate a virtual coaching business. Throughout this course, professionals will learn how to foster an engaging and effective online relationship with their clients, leveraging various technologies. This course uses the virtual environment to provide the skills and knowledge to address topics including scope of practice, business planning, technology requirements, communication strategies, conducting virtual fitness assessments, implementing virtual coaching sessions, and fundamental business operations.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop the key components of a business plan required to launch a virtual coaching business.
  • Conduct and modify fitness assessments using the virtual environment with clients.
  • Coach and cue clients in a virtual environment.
  • Develop effective virtual coaching strategies for different client types and fitness goals.
  • Identify virtual services fitness professionals require to scale and sustain a virtual coaching business.
  • Differentiate virtual sales and marketing strategies used to grow a virtual coaching business.

Who Should Become an NASM-VCS?

  • personal trainers
  • wellness professionals
  • life/accountability coaches
  • nutrition coaches
  • group fitness instructors
  • physical education teachers, 
  • youth sports coaches

Specific titles given may include:

  • Virtual Coaching Specialist

Prerequisites: A fitness or wellness credential or a bachelor's degree is recommended but not required.

Timeline: Maximum 12 months - study at your own pace

Delivery Method: Online - study anywhere, anytime

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