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NPE Fitness



What is it?

NPE ACADEMY™ is a 12-month program focused on growing to $30k+/month with great profit margins, building a team that cares about serving your clients, and balancing your business and personal life so you can enjoy the journey.

Why does it exist?

Because too many fitness business owners get stuck training clients, dealing with little issues, putting out fires all day, and burn out. They don’t know how to build a business that grows beyond themselves–one that allows them to earn more and make a bigger impact.

How does it work?

The program is comprised of: 1) proven systems and tools 2) expert coaching 3) metrics accountability, and 4) a winning community of 6 figure business owners that support growing your business to 30k+/month.

Who is it for?

NPE ACADEMY™ is for existing fitness business owners who want to grow beyond themselves, but they’re maxed out on space or training hours (or both), don’t know how to hire the right people and duplicate themselves to continue growing, and not sure what to do next to find more prospective clients.

Where does it happen?

The NPE ACADEMY™ program is online. Watch the training, use the systems and tools, attend weekly live online virtual workshops and laser coaching calls, and connect with peers in our private online community.

When does it start?

The program starts as soon as you enroll. The first 4-6 weeks we support you in getting race ready. Then ongoing support continues weekly, monthly, and quarterly until you’ve won the race (you can only fail if you quit!).

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