Nutrition Psychology: Food choices and eating habits

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Nutrition Psychology: Food choices and eating habits

Why is it that some foods have more appeal to us than others? Why are some foods harder to say ‘no’ to? And why is it so hard to change our eating habits? The course delves into the science and the psychology behind our eating habits to help make sense of why some habits die hard, and just how they came about in the first place. Understanding why we eat what we eat is essential knowledge to anyone who works in the area of health and nutrition. Also ideal for those working in the nutrition, fitness or weight loss industries. Creating healthy habits and supporting change for others will be most effectively done if you hold a thorough understanding of nutrition psychology. 

Essentials at a Glance:

Location: Self-paced online education through your own private student portal

Duration: 15 - 20 hours that you can knock over as soon as you like or spread out over 6 months from your enrollment date

Enrolment: Daily enrolments, get started whenever you like

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