Myofascial Release

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Myofascial Release


PD4PTs Presents - Myofascial Release.

Through this course students will learn how to recognise fascial restrictions and then apply Myofascial release, to safely and effectively help their clients move and perform better. This course covers a variety of fascial complexes and helps empower trainers to be able to give their clients an immediate change in their body.

Things you will learn

o    Know and explain what fascia is

o    Understand the background of Myofascial Release

o    Explain the benefits of Myofascial Release to clients

o    Recognize restrictions/tightness

o    Be aware of common client imbalances

o    Apply Myofascial Release to a variety of body complexes

I found the course amazing! The material and presenter, Nathan were of a high standard and I learned a great deal; in a fun friendly environment.

I would not hesitate to recommend this course and very much enjoyed the location and the way it was delivered. I will definitely pursue this subject in greater detail.

Keep up the fantastic work a kazzilion percent for quality and enthusiasm!!!

Edwina Bell

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