Move to Improve Part 3

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Marietta Mehanni

Move to Improve Part 3


As women move into menopause there are cognitive and emotional changes that can be confusing and lead to many women scaling back their activities.

But …. menopause is no time to pause! This fascinating module explores the cognitive and emotional challenges that most women experience as they move into and through menopause.

  • Examine the key hormones and neurotransmitters that drive many of the challenges that people attribute to menopause.
  • Discover that there are a number of myths that people apply to menopause and how these can create unnecessary limitations on women reaching their potential.
  • Discover how physical activity can dramatically improve the health, fitness and quality of life of you and your clients.
  • Learn the activity guidelines that will give maximum benefit, and you will experience an engaging and fun workout that applies these principles safely and effectively.

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