Introduction to the Core

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Introduction to the Core


This course aims to achieve three key things:

  • Teach you how to objectively assess current core strength levels
  • Develop techniques and practices to improve core strength
  • Provide you with a customised routine specifically a range of core strength levels

This course is designed to up-skill you with the latest exercise science information on the application of best practice in core training.

When you enrol for this course you will:

  • Have access to self-paced video lessons and topics that educate and train you in how to most appropriately develop the core,
  • Be able to download worksheets, and workbooks to support the video lessons in developing the core,
  • Have access to an online forum to ask questions and seek feedback,
  • Receive your own personal Abdominal measurement device allowing you to manage and measure your clients' core development.

Costs, Intakes and Access

  • This course has a one-off payment of $299 AUD.
  • When you purchase the course you will have access to all resources for 12 months from the time of your payment.

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