Theragun Performance Specialist

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Theragun Performance Specialist


This four-hour course is the first step for any trainer and performance coach who would like to immerse themselves into percussive therapy. In this course, you will learn the essential skills to effectively use percussive therapy for personal use and have the knowledge to help your clients and athletes use it to move better, enhance training outcomes, and recover effectively.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and explain the origins of percussive therapy.
  • Define the specific components that characterize percussive therapy.
  • Understand the science of percussive therapy with a specific focus on the physiological and neurological effects.
  • Understand and communicate the benefits of percussive therapy for your clients.
  • Know how to optimize the setup and application of percussive therapy for personal use.
  • Gain the knowledge needed to instruct your clients how to use percussive therapy.
  • Understand the principles of the 3-6-5 methodology to reach your and your client’s desired outcomes.
  • Understand how to implement percussive therapy strategies into a client or athlete’s warm-up, strength, and recovery programming.

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