Triumphant Team Training - Group Training Dynamics

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Triumphant Team Training - Group Training Dynamics


Small-Group Training is here to stay. By offering this service in addition to one-on-one training, more PT’s are reaching more clients, some due to its cost-effectiveness and some due to the camaraderie of working out in a group.

Your prospective clientele have a multitude of options when it comes to this form of training, so you need to differentiate yourself as the best choice available to them. Gone are the days of just getting a sweat on, we now live in the age of ‘experience’ and this is what we must strive to deliver – fantastic experiences.

In this course from PT and fitness educator Shaun Radford, learn how to program genuinely effective sessions that will have every client working towards their goals and then leaving with huge smiles on their dials. By doing so, you’ll join an elite group of PTs with the skills to get the jump on the competition, leave clients saying ‘WOW!’ and take their businesses to the next level!


  • History of group training
  • What group training is and its definition
  • Safety requirements
  • Components of a successful group session
  • Creating the environment
  • Examples of group sessions
  • 1 CEC/CPD

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