GO! 45 Group Personal Training

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GO45 Training

GO! 45 Group Personal Training

The Secrets of Group PT Business Success UNVEILED!

GO45 Group Personal Training Founders David and Anthea Altamura proudly boast a 100% program success rate within every fitness business that has implemented the GO45 Group Personal Training Business Model and systems.

FIND OUT HOW in our GO45 training sessions! 

We'll share with you the secrets to a successful group exercise program and provide the business know-how to implement this major profit earner into your fitness business!

Topics covered include: 

  • How to Thrive in an Increasingly Competitive Market Place
  • Develop a Strong Sales System for a higher price point 
  • Build Small Group Training into a 6-Figure Profit Center
  • Retention tools that will keep your members training more, staying longer and paying more! 

You'll leave with all the tools you need to successfully implement GO45 Group Personal Training program into your fitness business.

Additional take-aways include:

  • A month of FREE Premium Personal Training Business Software (PTMinder)
  • 20% discount Functional Training Equipment with NC Fitness
  • Free Subscription to FitBiz Monthly Business Newsletters
  • Complimentary business plan template 

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Testimonials for GO45

"GO45 is highly effective at delivering engaging Group PT programs for members and retention and yield growth for clubs" 
Michael Jordan, Director MYZONE– Asia Pacific 

"I would highly recomend the GO45 business model to any business operator who is looking to implement Group Personal Training to their fitness business"
Jason Laurence, 20/20 Consulting 

"Just 3 months after implementing the GO45 Business model into our club, we have gained 100 members into Group personal Training memberships and it contiues to grow! We could not have achieved this amazing success without the excellent support and guidence from David and Anthea from FitBiz"
 Brett McAllen, Genesis Health Club - St Kilda Rd