Wellness Wise Practitioners

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Wellness Wise Academy

Wellness Wise Practitioners


Wellness Wise Academy presents the Wellness Wise Practitioners Course.

Establishing an effective health and wellness strategy can be a complex and time-consuming process.

If you’ve been given the task of managing health and wellness within your organisation, you may be frustrated by the following:

  • Struggling to get buy-in and engagement from senior stakeholders and employees, including naysayers and critics.
  • Not having the necessary skills, experience or support to initiate, develop and lead an effective and sustainable health and wellness strategy.
  • Investing precious time and effort without achieving your desired outcome.
  • Just feeling overwhelmed!

We can assist

To help address these frustrations we’ve developed a nationally accredited training program focusing purely on managing health and wellness in the workplace – the Wellness Wise™Practitioner.

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