Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise

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Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise


Upcoming Courses:

20th October – 24th November inclusive, 12-1pm Thursdays, Australian Eastern Time (Sydney)

VIRTUAL Modern Post Natal Assessment and Exercise Prescription will run immediately afterwards at 1pm-2pm AEST (bundle the two for $200 OFF!)

If your previous education was a little high on theory and low on practical application and actually HOW TO WORK SUCCESSFULLY WITH YOUR PREGNANT CLIENTS, this CPD Course will, without a doubt,  improve your confidence, hands-on skills and your ability to attract potential clients. Spend this valuable

Key Takeaways from the Live Sessions:

  • Learn to assess for risk during pregnancy.
  • Learn to program truly functional exercise that will actually make an impact on their life!
  • Learn how to coach Intrinsic Core Synergy; the skill they’ll need to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction later down the track.
  • Hands on releases that will get them out of pain, and make you look like a magician!

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