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Double your clients - Lifestyle Essentials


During the 90 day business mentoring program you will learn to

  • Win new business by delivering programs that gets results
  • Double the number of sessions by providing effective training programs
  • Increase your hourly rate, confidently charging what you’re worth    
  • Generator abundant leads using a step by step lead development system  
  • Establish a predictable and reliable referral program
  • Build a community which provide long term clients

90 days is enough time to apply and develop the skills required to grow your business, this way we can make a long term impact on your business- this is not just another weekend workshop where you never apply the concepts.

  • Five full day face to face workshops over the 90 days
  • Client generator blueprint
  • Weekly educational and accountability webinars
  • Manuals and workbooks for the each of the 5 workshop
  • Marketing templates 
  • Referral systems (that work)
  • Retention Programs for clients
  • Business systems, policies, and procedures
  • Sales scripts and tools 

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