Fitness Mastery Series: Ultimate Women's Training Toolbox

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Fitness Mastery Series: Ultimate Women's Training Toolbox


Women aren’t just ‘little men’.

Hormonal, metabolic, cognitive, and behavioural differences abound that set your female clients apart from their male counterparts, all of which influence the way they train and the results they seek.

From mental health, menopause and mindset, to pelvic floor and programming, the Ultimate Women’s Training Toolbox covers the critical ages, stages and specific considerations that every women’s fitness professional should know.

Learning outcomes:

In this five-part course you’ll:

  • Learn the specific anatomical and physiological details that make women and men so incredibly different
  • Uncover the complex relationship that exists between self-esteem, food, body image, exercise, menstruation and mental health for training and coaching
  • Explore specific progressive overload techniques for developing female-centric training programs
  • Learn the particular strength training parameters that apply to women of all ages
  • Discover the current protocols and guidelines for delivering exercise that keeps expectant mothers happy, healthy and safe
  • Understand the physical and psychological changes that women in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond experience and how this impacts their training approach.

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