The Ultimate Guide to Hormones and Fat Loss

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The Ultimate Guide to Hormones and Fat Loss


Excess body fat, resulting in overweight or obesity, occurs when there is an imbalance between ‘energy in’ (the kilojoules consumed from food and fluids) and ‘energy out’ (the kilojoules burned for basic body functions and physical activity). However, the energy balance equation isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are many factors that can impact these two components of energy balance and our hormones are one of these. Understanding the role of hormones can help fitness professionals assist their clients who are seeking help with losing weight and reducing body fat.

This course explores the following topics:

  • The extent of the obesity problem in Australia
  • How to assess overweight and obesity
  • Factors affecting regulation of body weight
  • The role of hormones in the body and where they are produced
  • The main hormones affecting appetite and energy balance, and their actions
  • Weight management set point theory
  • The 'famine response’ and its role in weight loss
  • The lifestyle changes that can impact hormones to assist with weight control (including diet, physical activity, sleep and stress management)
  • Insulin resistance and its relationship with weight management and metabolic health

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