Applied sports Nutrition

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Applied sports Nutrition


The Certification will provide you with:

  • Education on:
    • Thermodynamics, Energy Systems & Fuel Sources
    • Evidence Based Sports Nutrition Programming
    • Applied Sports & Bodycomposition Nutrition Programming
    • Macro nutrients & their roles
    • Applied Nutritional Physiology – Digestion, & Hormonal Adaptations
    • Evidence Based Sports Supplements
    • Food reporting auditing and tracking
    • Data interpretation
    • The current ISSN position stands
  • Education & training on the SNS exam
  • Education & training on how to program nutrition for optimal body composition
  • Education on how to program for increased sports and athletic performance
  • Educations & training on how to screen & assess for hi-risk clientele. Then how to refer and work with allied health specialists.


The Sports Nutritionist program is the entry level certification program offered by Metabolic Health. It runs for approximately 8 weeks and has 1 practical assessment day for the screen training, and the ISSN-SNS exam.

We recommend all participants continue to the Advanced Sports Nutritionist certification which is a 12-month practical based program with the ISSN’s CISSN exam upon completion.

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