Registered Fitness Business

Fit for All

43 Karnak Rd, Ashburton, Victoria 3147

0400 025 641

Established 2012 100/100
References 30/100
Average Staff Rating 209/300

The current average FITREC professional rating is 98

About Fit for All

We are committed to positively impact the health and fitness of the Ashburton community and surrounds. In doing this we will deliver quality service and support to meet the needs of each individual in gaining a balanced healthy lifestyle. We will also strive to make the journey fun so that exercise becomes a lifetime habit.

About Tammy

  • 12 years experience in the fitness industry (corporate & commercial)
  • Represented Australia at the elite level in Indoor Volleyball
  • Lecturer & presenter in Certificate III & IV of Fitness
  • Diploma of Recreation & Fitness
I have been a Personal Training client of Tammy Curtis at Tammy Curtis – Fit For All since mid 2012. During this time, Tammy has been very influential in assisting me to maintain my fitness, eat a balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Over the past 5 years, with Tammy’s professional assistance on a weekly basis, I have been able to maintain a healthy body weight and I lead a very active and healthy life. I can highly recommend Tammy.

Leila Sturt, Graphic Designer,
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I cannot imagine a better personal trainer than Tammy Curtis who works from her immaculate, sunny studio in Karnak Road. Tammy has it all: personal warmth, tremendous drive, focused concentration during training sessions, and the ability to encourage anyone at all to work constantly to gain strength and suppleness.

Lesley Hutchison, Retired,
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I have been training with Tammy for over four years. She has adjusted my program to account for my age and physical abilities and at the same time challenged me to push myself. My balance and strength have improved enormously and I am feeling so much better in myself. She has an excellent knowledge of how to train older people and I would fully recommend her to all.

Gay Morris , Retired teacher,
Tuesday, July 18, 2017