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Rowena McEvoy



MAX is much more than just a Personal Training Certificate, Diploma or PT Qualification.

MAX exists to educate and inspire you, to help you set goals and achieve them as a top-level Personal Trainer, Fitness Professional and fitness business owner, so you can build a career helping people to be healthy, fit and strong.

MAX is a customised blend of:

  • Studying online in the convenience of your own lifestyle and time frames, no having to come to a place at a time that does not suit you.
  • Optional face-to-face workshops
  • AND individual personalised lifetime help mentoring and coaching
  • All to make sure you have a successful and profitable career or business as a top-level Personal Trainer / Fitness Professional.

Call us today in AUS on +6421-878-987 and in NZ on +6421-878-987

Love the way these guys are doing things. Met some of the students at an event this morning and it really shows what an edge this college gives them to succeed in a fitness career. Well done Rowie and Kerry! You're doing a great thing for the fitness industry.

Tracey E, Student, MAX International College
Monday, October 28, 2019

You could be Donald Trump. Or some man down and in a dump. Max is something everyone should experience. Amazing. Brilliant. Fantastic. These words are nowhere near enough in terms of explaining how great the Max family, morals and ideals really are. Life changing course and lifestyle. Thank you Max. From the bottom of my heart.

Toni V, Student, MAX International College
Monday, October 28, 2019

Truly an GRADE Education Investment - thank you for inspiring & empowering me to stand up and make a positive change in this world! My treasure chest is full of fine GEMS gained from my time with MAX International College for Fitness Professionals. A +++++++++ !!!!

Sofia A, Student, MAX International College
Monday, October 28, 2019