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Angela is the ultimate professional Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, with a passion for helping women achieve their fitness goals. Her classes are not only tailored to each individual's fitness levels, but also break down some of the barriers faced by new mum's on their fitness journey - children are just as welcome as their mum's at all of Angela's sessions. Every class is unique and you are always guaranteed of fun, laughs, and a challenging workout. Angela always strives to keep up to date with industry trends and provides all her clients with sound fitness and nutritional advice, as well as helping them on their emotional journeys to being the best they can be.

Nicole Shiel, CLIENT
Aug 2018

It is my pleasure to provide a letter of reference for Angela Hookham. I have been attending Ange's fitness group classes as well as having had personal training with Ange in my own home. I have been to other trainers and have never felt so inspired to continue to improve myself through fitness and nutrition than what I am now. I have with the help of Ange lost 45kg in the past twelve months. Our classes are always varied so you never loose interest. Ange provides handouts and has a great online series of nutritional information and excercises to do at home. I hope this gives you the information you require. Regards Tracy McMahon

Tracy McMahon, CLIENT
Aug 2018