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On 1 October 2016 I started with Belinda. I was 75 & weighed 110kg. Since I started with Belinda, I have been shown better-eating habits, which have reduced my weight to 95 kgs. I have held that weight for a year now & am excited about that. Having Belinda as my PT, who is with me through a 30 minute work out 3 times a week has been my answer to improving my health & mobility. She takes me through a myriad of exercises with & without weights, & which includes walking, bike & rowing machine workouts. She helps me with balance & posture. The combined effect of these is that I now can easily do up shoes, tuck my shirts in, towel my back. My flexibility has improved significantly.

Aug 2018

The best.. Belinda Wicks is the best. She does it really good. I advice people going to her.

Lisa CastaƱo, CLIENT
Aug 2018

What an Inspirational and beautiful lady you are Belinda!

Kerrie Jones, CLIENT
Aug 2018