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Before working with Robyn I had put on a total of 18kilos from honeymoon bliss and a first pregnancy. After the safe arrival of our little girl, I was feeling very self-conscious and my confidence was low. Robyn came to the rescue with so much support and knowledge to research the possibilities for my situation. After a natural birth, I had suffered from first degree tearing and bruising, a 5cm split in my abdominal muscles as well as a mild prolapsed uterus. Robyn listens intently to me as a client and I feel understood and completely respected in the whole process. I have lost 15kilograms in 6 months, thank you, Robyn!

Sep 2017

Robyn Vincent is truly an exceptional coach. I have not many trainers who I am inspired by in so many ways. After my initial session with her in the Chic Shed, I knew immediately that I had found a new mentor in my life. For me personally, what I look for in a coach is someone with experience, integrity, and compassion. Robyn covers all of this and so much more. I highly recommend Robyn if you are at all considering competition, with her experience and winning track record, you will no doubt know you are in the hands of a true champion...Robyn is a true professional, and results are an absolute guarantee.

Monika, CLIENT
Sep 2017

I find Robyn's training approach to be gentle yet very motivating and focused. You would never hear her shouting at you from the other side "COME ON" yet, I think I have achieved more in the shed and out of the shed because of her ability to push me with strength and cardio, because I believe she understands when I have the potential to go that extra bit further. I enjoy my sessions and most importantly, I feel energised and pumped after them. I think her extensive background in fitness certainly plays a huge part in the advice that she gives - I enjoy my talks with her as much as the training sessions themselves.

Sep 2017

I am a 39-year-old female who has been very much out of balance for 10 years. Some problems include low thyroid function, mild depression and low adrenal function causing many symptoms of hormonal imbalance. I contacted Robyn Vincent at the Chic Shed 18 months ago weighing 75kg with 33% body fat. After 5 months of personal training with Robyn, my weight dropped to 60kg with 17% body fat. I have maintained this now for 18 months and not only so I feel better, I have dropped 2 dress sizes and all my friends tell me how much younger I look. I highly recommend the Chic Shed for anyone wanting a body transformation that will change your life forever!

Sep 2017