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Training with Demi over the past 3 years has taken my body to a whole new level of fitness I never thought capable of after having a baby. It's given me so much more confidence and I can finally say I am happy and proud of the body she has helped me tone & slim down. She is always there for support and pushing me to new levels. There is no such thing as a 'quick fix' it's a lifestyle & Demi definitely practices what she preaches

May 2019

Amazing... She is amazing is all I have to say.. Seriously though she is the smiling assassin who knows how to get the best out of you without you even realizing. Want to smash goals then this is your girl. Food plans are amazing, training with her is amazing and she genuinely cares and wants the best for her clients. Love her

Natasha, CLIENT
May 2019

Since getting back into training with Demi in late December the change in my body and overall health is unbelievable. Thanks to her constant support and advice, I have lost over 10kg and put on more than 2kg of muscle. Even while training her hardest for comp she has still managed to give 100% to each and everyone of her clients. Basically she's the real MVP and if you are needing that extra push to get started get in contact with her. You will not regret it!

Kalita, CLIENT
May 2019

The best personal trainer EVER!! Demi has motivated me to get back into training which has personally been a hard thing for me. She has supported and encouraged me to continuously meet/smash my goals and create bigger, better ones! I've been to different PT's and although they have been good, Demi has succeeded expectation. She is not just your PT but is your friend who is genuinely pushing to see you succeed and along with her expertise it really isn't hard, I'm stoked with the progress I've made in 6 weeks! Demi you're amazing!!

Taylor, CLIENT
May 2019

I have been training with Demi for a little while now. She pushes me to levels I did not even know I could go. I walk away from our sessions feeling proud of how hard I can go and can feel and see the change in my body this is because Demi encourages me to push harder. Demi educates me on how to do exercises correctly which minimises my recovery time. I highly recommend Demi to anyone that wants to feel good about their health and fitness.

May 2019