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I started using the services of Nigel James last month and have been encouraged by his support and willingness to keep me accountable for my desired fitness gains, especially next year. He understands my abilities and adjusts his program accordingly. I certainly recommend him as a health coach!

Cole Reeves, CLIENT
Dec 2020

I have known Nigel since Sep 2019 when he assisted me with several gardening projects. More recently Nigel has been mentoring me with my Health & Wellness journey giving me guidance in healthy eating habits & putting together an exercise program to aid me in rebuilding my muscle tone & generally regain my fitness after a period of chronic pain and fatigue. I have found the sessions with Nigel very engaging & informative, he has been extremely patient & supportive at the same time & is deeply passionate about promoting living your best life through healthy eating & consistent active exercise whether it's working out, working in the garden or walking the dog everything counts.

Linda Stirling, CLIENT
Nov 2020

I'm writing this reference for Nigel James who I have known since 2011. He has both encouraged and participated with me in various cycling events around Brisbane. We have also participated in fitness sessions over the years and although he doesn't ride daily as I have continued to do, as a health coach he does genuinely support me in my wellness regime.

Paul Schmidtke, CLIENT
Sep 2020

Nigel has been working with me for over 6 months. He is supporting me through health assessments and one-on-one assistance as I improve my health and better manage my weight. I like the way he tells me to put my big boys pants on and take ownership of this situation rather than allowing me to blame someone or something else. I have committed to a 12 month wellness program during the duration of 2021 and am grateful to have his support as I travel this journey.

Kailen Deegmulder, CLIENT
Nov 2020

Nigel James was a colleague last year employed part-time as a support worker in a disability program that offers community access to NDIS participants. I am writing to state that during this period he organized casual fitness sessions consisting of ‘boxing for fitness', medicine ball routines including camp bush walking/stretching sessions with our clients. Nigel was an advocate for holistic wellness by encouraging participation from everybody regardless of ability and his friendly approach to supporting people to improve their health was appreciated by our service.

Tanya Thorpe, Industry Peer, Ozcare
Sep 2020

Nigel James has been supporting my disabled son here in Gatton Qld for over 5 years. He particularly encourages his physical appearance that has involved using 'park exercise equipment' for muscle toning. He also facilitates an exercise plan that a physiotherapist has developed. He assists with appointments to the doctor, podiatrist and other allied health supports. He provides personal care but also helps with outdoor activities such as walking, swimming and riding his modified bike. He is always available at short notice, can assist with over-night support and is willing to continue working even if NDIS funding issues occur.

Mandy McDonnell, CLIENT
Oct 2020