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John Winterburn is a highly accomplished athlete and he takes his knowledge and understanding of nutrition and exercise science and applies it to a range of clientele with varying goals and abilities. During his time with Jetts Berwick John helped transform the lives of many members, several sharing their testimonials for weight loss and improved wellbeing. John is a common sense trainer; there are no extremes. His clients grow to enjoy movement and embrace exercise and healthy eating as part of their lifestyle. He is sympathetic to the challenges of modern-day living and aims to educate and empower people to take control of their own fitness journey. I highly recommend John!

Tiffaney Nish, Club Manager, Jetts Berwick
May 2020

I have been training with John for about 7months. His classes are fun and have lots of variety. I always come away feeling like I’ve given everything because that’s what he motivates you to do. I highly recommend training with John.

Naomi Edwards, CLIENT
May 2020

John has been my PT for nearly 2 years now, since day one he has been 100% commited to help me get to my goal. I was worried about getting a PT initially because a long my Weight loss journey I had seen a lot of "brodude" trainers bit after my first couple of sessions with John i felt we clicked straight away, he looked at the numbers, the science everything I needed to get my where I need to get, as of writing this I have roughly lost 30kgs and I couldn't be happier. I continue to work with John as I'm still not where I want to be but he has made this journey doable and enjoyabke. I couldn't be happier

Nicolas Castaneda, CLIENT
May 2020