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Karina has been a member of the Resident Support Sub-committee of the Strathewen Community Renewal Association since 2010. She has conducted Body Balance classes for Strathewen residents on a weekly basis over the past 4 years. As an instructor she is welcoming and inclusive to the participants. She always adjusts her exercises to suit the individual needs of the varying levels of fitness within her class. Karina was instrumental in acquiring a Zumba instructor to extend the exercise program and took the leading role in organising a First Aid program for Strathewen residents. Karina has shown resilience in coming to terms with her own recovery while contributing to the healing of others.

Malcolm Hackett, Chairperson, Strathewen Community Renewal Association
Oct 2019

Karina has been employed by the YMCA at Diamond Creek Community Centre since 2005. During this time Karina has taken a wide variety of classes for a wide variety of user groups. Karina is very punctual, always arriving before her class, spending time talking to members and being updated on what's happening at the Centre. Karina is a team player, always willing to help out with additional classes when she can. She is dedicated to her classes and passionate about her chosen field, she constantly updates her knowledge and expertise. I have no hesitation recommending Karina for any position as with her dedication, passion and enthusiasm she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Nadine Kemp, Centre Manager, YMCA Diamond Creek Community Centre
Oct 2019