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Marketa is currently employed in the capacity of Pilates Instructor, Group Fitness, Gym Instructing and Personal Trainer. Marketa has worked with the club since September 2005. Her classes include Tummy, Butts & Thighs and Pilates, as well as her personal training clients. Marketa has a strong following with her classes due to the fact that she is an exceptional instructor and constantly monitoring her members. Her employment is assured at this gym.

Sonia Mackintosh, Manager, Highlands Health Club
Aug 2018

Marketa was always punctual, available to participants to discuss their needs, and ensured participants modified exercises when necessary to fit their own needs and restrictions. I found Marketa excellent at in offering variations of exercises so participants could work at varying levels and she was very good at motivating participants to challenge (or rest) themselves appropriately. I found Marketa had a delightful rapport with participants and was excellent at explaining the exercises through a combination of demonstration and verbal guidance. I also appreciated Marketa's ability to correct posture and ensure participants were doing the exercises appropriately.

Julie Parrish, CLIENT
Aug 2018

Marketa has taught Pilates Matwork classes for 1-15 people with me. She attended at least 30 of my mat classes as a participant. She has used small apparatus to modify and extend her beginners to intermediate classes. She has a strong knowledge of small apparatus and has recently introduced the Chibolsters and Chiballs to her classes. Marketa is able to regress or progress the Pilates exercises to suit a client's needs, physical ability or injuries. Unfortunately, she had to stop working at the Annesley Centre to concentrate on study. Her clients are still asking when she is coming back. She is a very dedicated, caring and inspiring teacher.

Emma Oclee, Pilates Instructor, Annesley Lifestyle Centre
Aug 2018

Over the time of Marketa's employment, I was very impressed with her professionalism and her dedication to her clients. Marketa was always punctual and demonstrated excellent time management with her clients. This is, of course, a critical concern in a busy clinic. She has a genuine warmth towards people and was very well liked by staff and clients alike. I considered Marketa to be an asset to our clinic. She helped to build our client base in massage and contributed greatly toward enhancing the good reputation of this practice.

Mark Davis, Practice Principal, Springboard Physiotherapy
Aug 2018