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I Have known Rob for many years and have both trained with him and trained him as a client of mine. Robs got an enormous passion for the health and fitness industry. I’m so glad to hear he’s looking to get into the industry as his personality is exactly whats req in industry. He’s passionate, shows empathy and his ability to relate to a broad cross section of community will see him do extremely well. He will be customer focussed as that’s his personality type Through our time knowing each other he is someone who has a strong focus on form and technique again another quality which will hold him in good steed.

Scott Hobson, Head Trainer, Bodyfit training/ Past owner of Bootcamp business
Apr 2020

Robert Murray is an enthuisiastic team member who strives to produce his work in a timely manner. He is always willing to assist fellow team members when requested. Robert is not afraid to ask for assistance when he needs it. Ii would recommend Robert without any hesitation.

Ann Taylor, Principal Planner, Darebin Council
Apr 2020