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Shane is a high quality trainer with exceptional interpersonal and technical skills. He relates well to people of all ages and has a proven track record with his basketball coaching business. I have no hesitation recommending Shane for a position in the sport and fitness industries.

Brad McGregor, Director , International Fitness Institute
Jun 2017

Shane is an extremely motivated and personable trainer. He was very considered with developing a program for me that not only suited my goals but also a busy lifestyle. The sessions we have done so far were fun and worked on a variety of muscles groups with the aim of getting me closer to these goals. His enthusiasm kept me motivated to push myself out of my comfort zone. I would highly recommend Shane and wish him all the best in his fitness career.

Anita Gustin, CLIENT
Jun 2017

My experience with Shane as my personal trainer is very good. I found Shane made me feel very comfortable as we worked together setting goals to improve my strength and flexibility. The sessions were fun and challenging whilst very appropriate for my fitness level. Even when coaching two of us Shane managed to tailor the session to meet both mine and my friends needs individually whilst working together. His passion for fitness is infectious. The energy that Shane brings to his fitness sessions helped to motivate me. I would definitely recommend Shane as a personal trainer and wish him all the best in his endeavours.

Karla Tremethick, CLIENT
Jun 2017